If your child is in the Scoggins Band, then you are a Band Booster!

Being involved with the Scoggins Band Boosters gives parents an opportunity to contribute to their child’s music education in a capacity that would otherwise be less available.  Band Booster volunteers are the behind-the-scenes wheel horses of the band program, and many of our operations cannot function without them!

Providing each student the best possible band experience involves far more than just quality music instruction.  Organizing fundraising and social events, volunteering at band functions, and chaperoning on band trips are just some of the duties performed by Band Booster volunteers.  The Band Boosters fill in the gaps in the band’s operations and enhance every student’s learning experience.

The Executive Board forms the core of the Scoggins Band Boosters.  The Board has been set for the 2018-2019 school year, however we are in need of parent volunteers for the many Scoggins Band activities!

All Band Booster volunteers are required to complete the Frisco ISD volunteer form available here:


The approved application is valid for the duration of the school year in which it is completed, but it will need to be completed again for any subsequent years.  If you think you may volunteer with the Scoggins Band at any point this year, please complete the volunteer form at this time.


Meeting Minutes: Available by request


President – Brenda Friedman

Secretary – Gwenyth McWaters

Treasurer – Jovany Cossio

Vice President of Fundraising – Veronika Jacobs

Vice President of Chaperones – Kelly Pfeifer

Vice President of Hospitality – Deseri and Eric Dunn