Symphonic Band, Honors Band, and Concert Band

The Scoggins Symphonic, Honors, and Concert Bands are the advanced ensembles in the band program.  Students enrolled in these courses prepare and perform repertoire that is among the most challenging and rewarding literature available to students at the middle school level.  Symphonic, Honors, and Concert Band musicians are expected to maintain a regular practice schedule, which enables them to achieve the highest performance standards on this advanced music, unlocking their potential to play with artistic nuance and musical understanding.  The Symphonic, Honors, and Concert Bands perform different repertoire, but they travel together frequently and perform on the same stages at concerts and festivals, and attend the same Scoggins Band social events and trips.

Concert Band Eisemann 2012

Seahawk Pep Band

The Scoggins Pep Band is comprised of all the members of the Symphonic, Honors, and Concert Bands.  This mega-band performs at pep rallies, football games, and other special occasions that require a big dose of lively school spirit!


Scoggins Jazz Ensemble

The Scoggins Jazz Ensemble is an enrichment ensemble available to Scoggins Band students who have completed the Beginning Band year.  Jazz Band is offered after school, and is by audition.  Being a more mobile ensemble, the “SJE” has performed at many venues in Frisco, including the Frisco Nation event at Pizza Hut Park, Elliott Elementary’s community nights, and at Parkwood in Frisco, in addition to its stage performances.

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Beginning Band

This is where it all starts!  Beginning Band students enter the band program with varying levels of musical knowledge and skill, but once they have completed the Beginning Band year, Scoggins Band students are ready for all of the musical rewards available to them in the advanced bands.  The Beginning Band participates at the Peak Music Festival in the spring as well as a number of other concerts — it is very fun and rewarding, but only a tiny sample of the 7th and 8th grade band experience!

Beginner Band Photo 2012