2019-2020 Scoggins Beginner Band Supply List

Beginner Percussion Start-Up List

Required Beginning Band Books(Excluding Percussion)

Essential Elements Book 1(Instrument Specific)

5 Minute Theory(Instrument Specific)

How to acquire band supplies:

  1. Read the view and print the appropriate Supply List & Instructions using the link above.

  1. Select a music store, based on which instrument your child plays:

Flute: Carolyn Nussbaum

Oboe: Any

Bassoon: Any

Clarinet: Duo Music

Saxophone: Any

Trumpet: Any

French Horn: Any

Trombone: Any

Euphonium: Any

Percussion: Lone Star Percussion

Materials required for participation in the Scoggins Band can be rented and purchased through these vendors.  They have our equipment preferences on file, so let them know you are a Scoggins Band family and they will assemble the correct supplies.

Purchasing an instrument:

An instrument purchase is a substantial educational investment.  The band directors want to guide families towards instruments that are of a reputable quality and are developmentally appropriate.

Whenever purchasing an instrument not listed in the supplies instructions above,always check with a band director first.  For every quality, reputable instrument, there are at least two “lemons” or instruments that are not developmentally appropriate.

Playing on deficient equipment is a surefire path to musical discouragement.  Let the band directors help guide you towards a smart purchase when it comes to this important decision!

Recommended Music Stores:

Brook Mays

6921 Independence Pkwy #120

Plano, TX

(972) 618-3222


Music 1st

6807 W. Main St

Frisco, TX 75034

(469) 362-7171


The Band Connection

Carolyn Nussbaum-Flute



Duo Music Clarinet Shop



Lone Star Percussion

(214) 340-0835