Students and parents, please read this information:

It is the profession of the Scoggins Band directors to teach rewarding, authentic, and developmentally-appropriate music to students of all levels.  The careful decisions about band placements are made keeping in mind each student’s best interests and the instrumentation needs of each band.  The objectives of band placements are two-fold:

  1. Place students in the most developmentally-appropriate band, aligning with the standards of Frisco ISD’s fine arts department.
  2. Create an authentic musical experience for each student, which requires the bands to have balanced instrumentation — just the right number of each instrument.


Band placement decisions are based on these criteria:

  1. Audition score and ranking within each instrument section (the most heavily-weighted component)
  2. A general assessment of each student’s contributions to the band through behavior, effort, and musical enthusiasm


Regardless of which band they play in, each student will have a rewarding musical and social experience with plenty of opportunities to distinguish themselves.

In some years, an usually large number of 8th graders will graduate from a particular section.  In those instances, an unusually large number of 7th graders may play in the Symphonic Band in that section.

The opposite is also true: if a section doesn’t graduate many 8th graders, fewer spots are open for 7th graders in that Symphonic Band section.  This is common, and happens in some sections each year.

These rosters are in place for the duration of the 2017-18 school year.  However, if a band placement error becomes evident in the fall semester, a change can be explored at the end of the semester, provided that it works in the student’s schedule.

Students are encouraged to keep in mind that “every day is an audition.”  In addition to the end-of-year audition scores, the band directors look at each student’s daily contributions to their class through behavior and effort, as well as grades on Practice Records, playing tests and quizzes, and performances.

It is important to note that these rosters are not finalized officially until the Scoggins “master schedule” is created mid-summer.  Every effort is made to honor these band placement results, however schedule conflicts do occasionally happen.  The band directors will work with administration and families on a case-by-case basis if any schedule conflicts occur.  Appropriate solutions are always possible.

This year’s auditions were, once again, particularly competitive.  Because of this, all three Advanced Bands will perform at their highest levels yet.  The band directors are eager to see the great accomplishments and musical memories ahead for these bands in 2017-18!

Students are listed below in alphabetical order within each section of each band.


Concert Band

Flute: AJ, Chrissa, Sydda

Oboe: Sreeya

Bassoon: Pavani

Clarinet: Caiya, Jackson, Laney, Madeline, Mia, Nathan, Saniah, Sydney

Saxophone: Kyndall, Peyton, Ryan, Toreek

Trumpet: Cayson, Chris, Jordan, Nihal, Osvaldo, Rylan

Horn: Andrew, Brandon, Daniel

Trombone: Caleb, Jimmy, Josh, Logan, Matteo, Sam

Euphonium: Ayden, Jackson

Tuba: Ethan, Stephen

Percussion: Julia, London, Lucas, Mario


Honors Band

Flute: Asil, Mya, Samantha, Venus

Oboe: Kailyn, Natalie

Bassoon: Daniel, Mia

Clarinet: Bailey, Caelyn, Cairee, Chase, Dhvani, Dominic, Noemi, Srinivas

Saxophone: Devin, Ian, Joi, Liam

Trumpet: Adrian, Christian, Jared, Luke D., Matthew, Thomas, Trenton, Wyatt

Horn: Gannon, Sam, Syver

Trombone: Caden, Holden, Mike, Nick, Sam I., Xana

Euphonium: Brandon, Caden

Tuba: Danny, Wyatt

Percussion: Ansh, Camryn, Karyn, Nic


Symphonic Band

Flute: Amelia, Ananya, Ashley, Cassie, Kaitlyn

Oboe: Alauna

Clarinet: Allyson, AnaGaby, Chloe, Christian, Emily, Jacob, Kaitlin, Kylia, Reese

Saxophone: Grant, Ian, Jonathan, Jordan, Pranav

Trumpet: Damien, Diego, Gabe, Julia, Luke L.

Horn: Ethan, Noah, Robin

Trombone: Andrew, Hannah, Jake, Nathan, Sam M., Tyler

Euphonium: Liam, Nyota

Tuba: Marlon, Tallon

Percussion: David, Griffin, Jacob, Logan, Malia, Melissa